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Awards Day 2015

Thank you to all the schools and libraries who contributed to the KOALA Awards this year. We have been busily counting your votes - all 6000 of them - wow! Please join us at the Awards Day in Term 4 to reward and congratulate the winning books, authors and illustrators. Will your favourites win? Book your seats now!


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We have reviewed our membership fee structure this year to include our supportive colleagues who are not working directly with children in schools. Please pass this on if you have contacts who would be keen to support children's choice in Australian literature.

Do stay in touch throughout the year. We are very keen to build more online content to support using KOALA in schools and public libraries; so please share your expertise and practice!

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"Of all the awards, the ones that kids choose themselves always mean the most. But they are also a great way to show kids that what THEY love is important." Jackie French


KOALA seeks to provide children a voice within the general Australian children’s book industry. 

Every year, young readers from all over NSW judge their very own literary awards. By voting in the KOALA awards they can reward the Australian children's books that have most inspired, amused, terrified, enlightened and engaged them. 

As a membership based non-profit organisation, we seek the support of schools and libraries across NSW in providing the financial resources necessary for this vital work. All NSW schools, public libraries, organisations and individuals can become members. 

Our boys who attended were so excited and came back to school full of enthusiasm which they shared with the other boys in their classes. It was highlighted again yesterday how important and worthwhile organisations like KOALA are for the promotion of reading and literature for children. - Joanne Barnes, Librarian, Wyvern House