The votes are who is going to win?

   KOALA is turning 30! Click here to join the celebration at Awards Day.


KOALA Timeline 2016

Term 1 - Students nominate their favourite Australian titles.                                  
Term 2- Shortlists are announced. Students read books from the shortlists. Voting is open.
Term 3 - VOTING CLOSES. Votes must be submitted by Friday 23rd September, 2016.
Term 4 - Awards Day at Blackheath Public School on Thursday, 3rd November, 2016.

KOALA seeks to provide children a voice within the general Australian children’s book industry.

As a membership based non-profit organisation, we seek the support of schools and libraries across NSW in providing the financial resources necessary for this vital work. All NSW schools, public libraries, organisations and individuals can become Friends of KOALA.  


"Of all the awards, the ones that kids choose themselves always mean the most. But they are also a great way to show kids that what THEY love is important." Jackie French

Our boys who attended were so excited and came back to school full of enthusiasm which they shared with the other boys in their classes. It was highlighted again yesterday how important and worthwhile organisations like KOALA are for the promotion of reading and literature for children. - Joanne Barnes, Librarian, Wyvern House

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