In Term 1, students nominate their favourite Australian books

Students may nominate up to 4 books

NOMINATIONS CLOSE Friday, 5th April 2019

Selection Criteria

  1. The book must be AUSTRALIAN

  2. The book must have been published in the last ten years

  3. The book must not be a previous winner.  A complete list of previous winners can be found below.

  4. Nominations must be for a specific title e.g. Selby Surfs not Selby books.    

Tally your school or library's nominations using this form, and email to the KOALA Council. We'll count the nominations to create the KOALA Shortlist of 40 titles.

This is Their Chance to Say What THEY Like to Read!

Tips on how to encourage student nominations:

  • Play and learn about KOALA with this Kahoot quiz

  • Display the Nomination Poster from the KOALA Kit for each classroom

  • Create a display board outlining the Nominating Process

  • Set up a display of eligible Australian books and pop a nomination form in each one

  • Use Library circulation records to display the most popular Australian titles in your school

  • Use the latest CBC's Notables list for recent titles to display 

  • Look at previous KOALA winners and compare with CBCA winners

  • Discuss favourite Australian books with classes or groups of students

  • Show students ways of identifying Australian books and authors

  • Older students can read aloud extracts, write reviews or ‘book talk’ their favourite Australian books

  • Give teachers a bulk loan of Australian picture books to read to the class. Be sure to include some of last year’s new titles not just the old favourites

  • Students could receive a KOALA bookmark or sticker for nominating

  • It’s first past the post so every nomination counts

Nomination resources to print: