Voting for the KOALA Awards 

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Ideas for encouraging students to read the shortlisted books

  • Story Hooks and Sizzling Starts - In pairs, students identify which criteria the first lines meet. Then rank the first lines in order of most enticed to read. Share and explain personal choices. Students try to match first lines with books. Share each matching book with students.
  • View and engage with Publishers' Book Trailers for the shortlisted books
  • Visit Shortlisted Author and Illustrator websites 
  • Create displays for the shortlisted books
  • Attach KOALA Shortlisted Book Sticker to book covers for easy identification 
  • Cross reference with Premier's Reading Challenge books
  • Have students give Book Talks or create iMovie Book Trailers for the books they have read.


Voting Resources (coming soon)

Voting closes at the end of Term 3. Please email your Results Spreadsheet to KOALA by Friday 28th September.