Awards Day 2010


KOALA awards day took place this year at Fairfield Public school - 27/10/10. What a fabulous day! With 11 schools and 7 authors & illustrators attending the awards day. It was a hot  festive day, especially for all the children who waited eagerly for the announcement of the winners. Mylee Joseph, from the State Library of NSW, one of the special guests commented that the cheers and whistles that followed the announcement of winners were like that of spectators at a football match or a pop concert - it was amazing to see the kids reacting this way to .....authors. We were fortunate to have some of the category winners present to receive their awards in person – Emily Rodda (who attended on crutches) Colin Thompson and Sarah Davis.
Other authors & illustrators who attended were Duncan Ball, Aleesha Darlison, Lisa Shanahan, & Moya Simons.  

Fairfield Public School's - Dance group performed.

Narelle Adams performed a koala skit - which was fantastic (see below)

Fairfield Public library staff performed "Its a book" by Lane Smith (Roaring Brook Press, 2010)

In between the performances, all the authors and illustrators shared a scary experience with the audience. After the awards were announced and presented, there was autograph signing and the chance to meet the authors and illustrators.

For the kids from LLandila Public, a highlight was winning an original Sarah Davis illustration, which she drew on the stage during the ceremony. All students (around 180), attending the awards received a book thanks to the generosity of publishers.

KOALA Rap by Narelle Adams

Everybody clap
Everybody clap

 Reading rocks
And books rule
And Aussie books are really cool

 I’m Indigo info and I’m here to say
Something important to you today
Go to the library, pick up a book,
Open it up and take a look

 Colin, Mike, Graeme and Emily
Are some authors you should read
Bob, Margaret, Jackie and Mem
Lots of books can be found by them

Reading rocks
And books rule
And Aussie books are really cool

Andy, Felice and Leigh are funny
They make you laugh down to your tummy
Barbara and Anna, Pat and Deb
Write great books to read in bed

Paul, Morris, Garth and John
Reading books by them you can’t go wrong
Moya, Lisa and Matthew
Create great stories just for you

Reading rocks
And books rule
And Aussie books are really cool

It’s not just stories that make books great
But the pictures inside that are first rate
Craig, Sarah, Andrew and Terry
Stephen Michael, Tom, Lisa and Mark
Give the stories lots of class

Reading rocks
And books rule
And Aussie books are really cool


On Tuesday 27th October 250 children, their teachers, 16 favourite authors and illustrators and s few stray librarians meet at the Parramatta Town Hall for the 2009 KOALA Awards.

Bellow are a few photographs that where tweeted by the Western Sydney Youth Literature Officer.