2017 Awards Day

The winners, honour awards and KOALA Legend were announced at North Rocks Public School today.

Here are the ceremony presentation slides with videos. Run your own awards announcement at school!


The stage was set, the amazing displays in preparation for what was about to unfold in place.  North Rocks Public School was ready.  Students warmly welcomed visiting students and their teachers; proud to talk about their school and show-off their beautiful projects.

The Children’s Bookshop was set-up and ready to sell.  Slowly and tentatively students stepped forward.  How would they spend their money at the bookstall?  Which book? Which author?  Who would they meet? Who would they see?  Which is your favourite they asked of each other? This one’s great, they were selling their favourites to each other. They chatted quietly (it was a library after all!) amongst themselves as they paced the displays.

The tension was high as they entered the hall. Who would win this year? Would it be their favourite?  So many questions unanswered…

Tony Flowers had his back to the audience while he created magic with watercolour and pen. The children all polite and quietly filed in neat rows.  Their cheers of hello were demure and respectful, but laughter soon erupted as the special guests told us their favourite words. ‘Stupid pineapple’ or was that ‘Super pineapple’, ‘Delightful’, ‘Joy’, ‘Serendipity’, ‘Memories’ and more.  Trust those clever authors and illustrators to come up with ones that spoke to us all.

The drum roll rumbled and there were shouts of joy as Andy Lee’s ‘Do not open this book’ was announced as the favourite picture book for 2017. 

Quietly sitting again for the next, the drum roll came, louder this time… Aaron Blabey’s ‘Bad Guys episode 2’ had won the younger readers' prize.

They were well and truly ready for the older readers, on the edge of their seats the children sat before exploding in noise, the ‘78-storey treehouse’ by Andy and Terry had won the older readers' category.

The final award, went to Jackie French’s ‘Pennies for Hitler’.  A clear favourite with the older members of the audience.

The thank you messages were in person and on screen.  It didn’t matter which, the students loved each unique one.  But perhaps, the standout was dead bunny Brad’s surprise on-screen appearance!

Excitement rippled through the audience once more as the LEGEND for 2017 was announced. Deborah Abela, favourite to so many, is ushered into the title by very enthusiastic St. Andrew’s Cathedral and Blackheath Public School students.  An honour well deserved, as many a young reader has been made by her wonderful books.

The fun continued as students rummaged under their chairs, desperate to find stickers for free books.  Lucky schools won book packs and Tony’s completed artworks.

Still more to come as the authors and illustrators made their way to sign books. Students stood in tidy lines and waited their turn, eager to meet the heroes before them.

What did they say to them?  What did they ask in return?  Students came away beaming and giggling and the feedback to staff?  Can we come next year?

From Svetlana Paul and the students, St. Andrew's Cathedral School