Find out more about the ten fiction books for younger readers on this year's KOALA Shortlist by clicking on some of the highlighted links for each of the nominated books.

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Alice Miranda in Paris by Jacqueline Harvey

This is the seventh book in the Alice Miranda series. Alice and her friends are in Paris to sing at Fashion Week and discover a darker side to the glitz and glamour of this famous city. Aussie Reviews | Read an Excerpt

Andy Roid and the Tracks of Death by Felice Arena

This adventure takes Andy and Judd to Switzerland to find the headquarters of the Blaireau Corporation. Andy's enhanced powers will certainly be needed if this mission is to succeed. Read an Excerpt | About Andy Roid

Billie B. Brown: The Best Project by Sally Rippen

Billie B. Brown's class has a casual teacher for the week. This teacher has decided that the students will build a model city.  Billie has decided on what she wants to make but will she be able to succeed? Read an Excerpt | Meet Billie B. Brown

EJ12: Kimono Code by Susannah McFarlane

Kimono Code was included in the Get Reading! top 50 Books You Can't Put Down list for 2012. Special Agent EJ12 needs to stayed focused if she is to stop the evil agency Shadow sabotaging the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival.  Book Outline | Book Description | Author Biography

Extra Time by Morris Gleitzman

Matt, a 13 year old Aussie soccer genius, is offered the opportunity of a lifetime - a tryout with a junior side for a Premier League soccer club. Bridie, his 10 year old sister and manager, goes half way across the world with Matt but she has a very difficult challenge ahead of her - reminding everyone that soccer is meant to be fun! Read and Listen | Kids' Book Review

Extreme Adventures: Monkey Mountain by Justin D'Ath

During a class excursion to see a real-life volcano in Borneo, Sam Fox is thrown into the thick of the action. The volcano erupts with a bang, his teacher has a heart attack and he must fight off blood-thirsty creatures to save the day. Will Sam's trademark ingenuity be enough? Book Review | Read an Excerpt

Go Girl: Style Stars by Chrissie Perry, Sonia Dixon & Danielle McDonald

Casey loves clothes and fashion. Will she be able to create a knockout outfit for the fashion show from items bought from the op-shop? Author Interview

Meet Grace by Sofie Laguna & Lucia Masciullo

It's the year 1808 in London. Life is very tough for a young orphan named Grace who is responsible for her own survival. When she is caught by the police for thieving apples, will this be the end of her life or a new beginning for Grace? Read an Excerpt | Kids' Book Review

The Third Door by Emily Rodda

Rye and Sonia have survived the perils of The Golden Door and The Silver Door. Drawn to the last remaining door, the Wooden Door, from the very beginning of his quest to save Weld, will Wye have the courage to go through it and face the challenges that await him? Teaching Notes | Kirkus Reviews

The Wishbird by Gabrielle Wang

In this moving tale of courage, friendship and magic we met Oriole, a young orphan girl raised by Mellow, a Wishbird, in the Forest of Birds and Boy, a street urchin. Mellow is dying and Oriole must travel to the City of Soulless to try and save him. This is where her story and destiny becomes entwined with Boy's.  Listen to a Reading | Author Interview | Teaching Notes