It's time to think about voting

There are a number of ways to engage your students with the voting stage of the KOALA year. Kids love this stage and the options make it fun and exciting for all age groups.

  • Online Survey - ideal for Years 3-6 who read across the categories; add the link to your website, blog, ipad shortcut; no tallying numbers

  • Paper and Postbox- create a point of interest in the Library; develops familiarity with both author and illustrators' names; great job for library monitors to sort and tally

  • Cups and Counters - heighten excitement with K-2; anonymous-secret vote! (see image)

  • Sticky Notes - display based voting; students place a post-it note on the cover of their favourite book; great for younger years; saves writing time; quick tally count

The Tally Sheet for non-online votes is due by the end of Term 3.

Happy voting!

Bring your sticky notes to life with these post-it designs. Go to Learning in Hand for instructions on how to print.