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Arty Farty Marty: The Paint Smashin' Kraken by Dale Baker

Arty Farty Marty loves to surf and paint! Join Marty as he tries his tentacles at painting in the styles of seven of the world's most famous artists. 
Join Marty as he tries his tentacles at painting in the styles of Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, Claude Monet, Sidney Nolan, Jackson Pollock and Reg Mombassa.
But what happens when Marty's arty farty ways get a bit too farty?

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Busting! by Aaron Blabey

Lou was BUSTING for the loo. But the loo had quite a queue! What on earth was Lou to do?

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PRC Booklist K-2 #4593


Chip by Kylie Howarth

Chip, like most other gulls, would do anything for fish and chips. When he’s banned from his favourite food, he is desperate to get it back on the menu. So Chip hatches a brilliant idea to solve the problem...but has he gone too far this time?

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Do Not Open This Book Again! by Andy Lee & Heath McKenzie

He's back! And, once again, this cheeky blue character does not want you to open this book or turn its pages.

What reason does he have this time?

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Excuse Me! by Dave Hughes & Holly Ife & Philip Bunting

Martha May has marvellous manners. She always says please and thank you ... and she most certainly DOES NOT FART! 
But what will happen on the day of the Baked Bean Bonanza?

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Flapper, VC by Mark Wilson

Flapper, VC is based on the true story of an Australian carrier pigeon during World War II. Raised and trained in Australia, Flapper is sent off to war in the Pacific. While on patrol deep in the jungle, Flapper's unit find themselves surrounded by enemy troops. With no other means of communication, the men's only hope of survival is Flapper, who has to evade enemy snipers and machine guns to get a message through to save the patrol.

Flapper was awarded the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross for his actions that day, and his medal is proudly displayed at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra.

This memorable tale, illustrated with Mark Wilson's beautifully crafted and evocative artwork, is a moving story of animals in war. 

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Go Go and the Silver Shoes by Jane Godwin & Anna Walker

When Go Go is allowed to buy the most beautiful shoes ever, she decides she will wear them EVERYWHERE!
Even to the creek, where she and her brothers go adventuring.

But - Oh no, Go Go! - that's when a terrible thing happens . . . 

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PRC Booklist K-2 #5355


Hickory Dickory Dash by Tony Wilson & Laura Wood

This story is for anyone who has ever wondered just why the mouse was running up and down the clock as it struck one. The rhyme has been told, and song sung, for generations, and in Hickory Dickory Dash Tony Wilson and Laura Wood share with us just what could have happened in the preceding few hours to cause a mouse to behave in such a way. With her children vanished, and a cat in hot pursuit, the tension builds as the valiant Mother Mouse continues the frantic search for her missing babies. What will happen to cause her to take up clock-running at the appointed hour, and will she find her children, evade the cat, and manage to get them all safely home? Woods’ illustrations mesh seamlessly with Wilson’s verses to take readers both young and old along with them on a danger-filled adventure with a satisfyingly happy resolution.

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PRC Booklist K-2 #5858


Pig the Star by Aaaron Blabey

Pig just LOVES attention.

In fact, he's a great, bit SHOW-OFF. But when ANOTHER star appears at the photo shoot, Pig doesn't like it. 
No, Pig doesn't like it at ALL...

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PRC Booklist K-2 #25800


Too Many Cheeky Dogs by Johanna Bell & Dion Beasley

'On Monday I went to my auntie's house and guess what I saw? ONE yellow cheeky dog sleeping on the floor.'

So begins this cheeky story set in a remote Indigenous community, romping through numbers, colours and days of the week to the hilarious finale.

Introducing Disabled Indigenous Artist Dion Beasley -  Lateline Video    Author's Website 

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PRC Booklist K-2 #38395