Awards Day 2006


The 2006 KOALA AWARDS were held on 20th October at Taronga Zoo. This year KOALA celebrated its 20th birthday and the day was a big hit for the kids who attended. They were rewarded with the chance to meet some of their favourite authors & illustrators!

A huge thank you to the authors and illustrators, some of whom travelled far to be present :

Felice Arena, Alyssa Brugman, Morris Gleitzman, Andy Griffiths, Richard Tulloch, Carole Wilkinson, Duncan Ball, Allan Stomann, Kim Gamble, Libby Gleeson, Darrell & Sally Odgers, Janine Dawson, Pamela Allen, Matt Dray, Pamela Lofts, Lachie Hume, Alison Lester & Julie Mullins.

They shared words of inspiration & Felice was most entertaining with the assistance of one of the children from the audience.

We are very proud to announce this years winners, check them out on the winners page !

Pamela Allen's book Mr McGee and the Biting Flea was entered into the KOALA Hall of Fame . Another highlight of the ceremony was the announcement of two new KOALA Legends . Morris Gleitzman and Richard Tulloch were presented with an award in recognition of their significant contribution to KOALA.

A donation of $205 was raised on the day to sponsor two (real) koalas at the zoo. Many thanks to students, teachers, authors, illustrators & publishers who contributed.

We look forward to our big 21st birthday party next year!  

image 1: Maddison and her new friends at Taronga Zoo

image 2: Julie Mullins and Felica Arena with their KOALA Awards.


Thank you so much for such a wonderful honour on Friday. Becoming a KOALA Legend is one of my proudest achievements.  I’ll treasure it. And thank you for a delightful day. I can’t imagine a better-organised or more enjoyable celebration of what we all do. Congratulations. You’re legends too.
Morris Gleitzman

Just wanted to say thanks to you & the committee for a great day last Friday. Our students thoroughly enjoyed the experience & got a lot out of it. I know you've all worked hard to get it all ready, & it really paid off. We loooooved Matt Dray!! Thanks so much for all you've done,
St Martha's, Strathfield